Antelope Hills Furniture Ministry

The Antelope Hills Furniture Ministry is part of AHCC Ministries and it exists and operates as an outreach of the church to serve the people in need in the area communities with used furniture and appliances. The used furniture and appliances will be stored at our new location in back of the CAMA/Connection Building (Entrance in the alley) 1001 Ring Ave. North, Canby, MN in the near future. All items are available free of charge to individuals and families in need. Specific furniture and appliance items that may be available, will vary from time to time as they are subject to free will donations from people in the various communities. Current Inventory is listed below.

For information about the availability of furniture and appliances … please call the Antelope Hills Christian Church at 507-223-5626

Donations of Furniture and Appliances from the community for this ministry are always appreciated.

Sorry … but we cannot accept clothing and miscellaneous items. Please donate these items to Prairie Five Community Action, 108 St. Olaf Ave. North, Canby, MN.

Some of the Current Inventory – Last Inventoried – August 2017

Large Oak Desk

Small Desks

Kitchen Stove (Electric) Smooth Top


Bed Frames

Kitchen Stove (Gas)

End Tables

(3) Couches

Large Side Chairs

Dinning Room Table

Kitchen Table

Kitchen Chairs

 Stacking Chairs Padded

Stacking Chairs Plastic

Folding Chairs

Small Recliner

19 Inch TV’s

36 Inch Steel Entrance Door (No Glass)

Lazy Susan Cupboard


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