Leadership Changes

Pastor Steve Maas has concluded his ministry at Antelope Hills Christian Church. The roles and responsibilities will now be handled by the Elders and Deacons of the church. A new website will shortly be in the works and will be developed in the next month or so. Until then, information on the church will be posted here and on the Church’s Facebook pages.

Contact Information for the church is listed below …

Contact Information …

Antelope Hills Christian Church
2220 190th St..
Canby, MN 56220
Email Address: ahchurch@gmail.com


Church Secretary
Renee Frazeur
Email frazeur5@frontiernet.net


Kent Goplen 507-828-4242

Nathan Thorpe 605-880-6401, 

Darren Matthies 605-520-2595

Stu Frazeur 507-828-2219

Delroy Thompson 507-223-5740

Reed Frazeur 320-266-1517

Wes Shepherd 507-227-9057

Cemetery Information & Policies – Ralph Peterson 507-828-9207

Church TreasurerGrant Goplen 507-828-2131

Dale Schoberg 507-223-7187
Ted Berckes  507-290-9264

Dale Peterson 320-769-4655

Jim Sayre 507-223-7013
Grant Goplen  507-828-2131
Loren Demmer 507-223-7224

Todd Christensen 509-314-9024

Delroy Thompson 507-223-5740   Wes Shepherd 507-277-5516  Stu Frazeur 507-828-2219

Former Pastor Steve Maas – 605-881-9024 -pastorsteve116@yahoo.com

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