Prayer Nights – May 30th & May 31st, 2020

We had a good turn out for our prayer vigil during the evening hours of Saturday Night, May 30th and into the next morning. On Sunday Night, May 31th we gathered at the new church site for a prayer time together, seeking God’s comfort for the hurting and broken in this time of upheaval, wisdom, calmness and peace, and protection for families, people, protests, authorities, National Guard, police and all those in leadership. We also prayed for the Covid situation. We took time to pray over the building process for the new church and for the church body to seek God, his purposes, the Holy Spirit that we as a church might show the Light of Christ. Everyone is urged to continue to pray for calmness, safety, reason and God’s intervention in the chaotic and dangerous situations across the country. Everyone is urged to continue to pray for our church, the construction workers and the stages of building along the way as we work towards the new church.

Thanks to all who participated in our overnight prayer time.

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