Thank You, AHCC Helpers!


This is long overdue … but many thanks to the men and women of Antelope Hills Church for all they do outside the walls of the church. You are volunteering in school groups and functions, coaching, civic groups, blood drives, Meals on Wheels! I am thankful to all of you and all the different places you serve!

I would like to say a big thank you to Barb for playing for me all these years at Sylvan Court, Marvin for helping out and for Nancy who has helped out in the summer at Sylvan.

As a church body along with some other members of the community and some other pastors along the way we have spent hundreds of hours fixing, remodeling, cleaning, organizing, building, planning and working at the CAMA/Connection Building as we moved from the old Connection building and remodeled the new one.  The creative blackboard wall and the Lite Bright wall just below are two of the coolest things we built working at the CAMA/Connection building with Betsy Schmitt’s (Connection Manager) ideas to make a blackboard area and use the old garage door from the new Connection building. Thanks to all the AHCC movers, cleaners, food providers, workers and painters for your help … Lisa, Adriane, Cheyenne, Stuart, Dale S., Dale P., Jim S., Betty, Marcella, Mary Anne, Charlotte, Emily, Delroy, Greg and Zach C. and myself. Will put up some more pictures from the CAMA/Connection in the next few weeks. Antelope Hills rents part of the CAMA/Connection building for our Furniture Ministry.  Thanks to all who have helped me out delivering or loading furniture with the Furniture Ministry as well Jim T., Darren, Wes, Reed, Stuart, Grant, Dale S., Mary Anne, Dale P., Emily, Toby and Delroy and many others. Also thanks to all those who helped with the Van carpet redo … Jim S., Kent, Delroy, Marvin and Dale S. and Jane for giving us some snacks along the way.


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