What Antelope Hills means to me …

As we are building a new church facility and trying to raise funds through various ways: in that process, different people have been sharing why Antelope Hills is special to them and the reasons why they worship at AHCC. We will try to move these expressions over from being shared on Facebook as part of the “Go Fund Me” fundraiser to our website. We hope these shared expressions will encourage others to come to join with us as a church fellowship, as we experience the joy of knowing Jesus and coming together as followers of Christ.

About 139 years ago, a group of Christian Believers left the rich soils along the Eastern border of Minnesota and set off for the Western Border of Minnesota. This group of families not only desired to get a new start as farmers of the land but they were excited about bringing the Good News of Jesus in the most basic of Christian Church organizations to the prairie lands. This fellowship of Believers held to the Bible for their beliefs and practices and were determined to be a loving church to the developing communities around them. Now, these many years later, a new group of Christian Believers from that legacy is making a move to start in a new place. The covered wagons are long gone as a means of travel but the heart and soul of the Antelope Hills Christian Church remains the same. Our desire as a church is simply to share the Good News and love of Jesus Christ with the communities around us and hold to the Bible as the guide for beliefs, practices, and the way for an abundant life. A lot of people have given financially to facilitate the construction of the new Antelope Hills church building and we are so thankful for all the support. It has been a huge undertaking but we know God has been with us, all the way through, by the blessings along the way. Pastor Steve Maas

What Antelope Christian Church means to me:I would like to share with you about something very dear to my heart. Let me tell you about Antelope Hills Christian Church. First I have to tell you a little about how we came to be a part of AHCC. We moved to Rural Canby in the spring of 1983. Being new to the community we had not yet established ourselves in a church home.

One day a man came to our yard on an old tractor, looking like he had been out fishing. He introduced himself saying ” Hi, I am Jim Allard, the pastor at Antelope Hills Christian Church. I see you have kids here (by all the bicycles in the yard) We are having VBS this week and would love to have your kids join us ” I thought all these kids!!! There were 7. He said of course.

Well, that day was the start of our coming to be a part of AHCC. Our kids bounced off the walls every day when they came from VBS singing and dancing and praising God! From that 1st encounter with the members of AHCC we found a place of worship founded by believers who love Jesus. Seek Him first in our lives, desire to love each other, and try to serve God and God only faithfully. Charlotte Sayre

My Antelope Hills Christian Church family has been a source of love and encouragement to me for the past 38 years. We are just about to the finish line of completing the new church building and are very excited about being in our new location. We would be very thankful if you would join us to help us cross the finish line by contributing to our church building. Cathy Rhymer

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